Our Mission: Help adult smokers make the switch to vaping as an alternative method of nicotine delivery and do so while offering the best products and customer service possible.

We are dedicated to helping people stop smoking and start Vapin’!

Voltage Vapin’ was opened in May of 2013 by Jay Taylor. Jay began hosting “vape meets” at his house in early 2012 after his success with vaping got him to make the switch from being a 3 pack-a-day Marlboro Red smoker after 48 hours with his first electronic cigarette. Those vape meets turned from a casual hang out with about 6 or 8 people in his basement to a much larger scale meet up at rented out restaurants with close to 100 people! At the time, there was only one other brick and mortar vape store in the state and many people felt it left a lot to be desired. Jay saw the need for a vapor store that offered quality products and professional service and opened Voltage Vapin’.

Voltage Vapin’ is your place for all things vaping.  When you come into our store you will meet with our friendly staff who will work with you to find the right device, flavor, and nicotine strength and make sure you are comfortable using it before you walk out the door. We are all hobbyist vapers and are extremely knowledgeable on everything from simple starter devices up to more advanced mods and rebuildable devices. At Voltage Vapin’, we strive to provide a wealth of information to ensure that you, as a customer, have the best “vaping” experience possible.

We want our customers to be fully satisfied with our products and services, therefore, we do not sell cheap, poorly made vaping equipment. We truly believe our products and services to be the best in the industry and we believe that our customers think so too.



Meet Jay.
I am a 10 year Navy Veteran, former trainer at United Network For Organ Sharing (UNOS) and smoked for 30+ years. I was at 3 packs a day when I made the switch. My switch date is 9/15/2011 and I have been 100% smoke free ever since. I feel so much better.

Favorite flavor: Really Berry by Naked 100



Meet Crystal.
I started Voltage Vapin' with Jay but it took me much longer to fully make the switch. I was smoking half a pack a day before opening Voltage and cut back to 3-4 a day when I found vaping. I finally made the switch in 2015 and have not looked back.

Favorite Flavor: Life is Peachy from Diamond Vapor


General Manager

Meet Bill.
I am a former Marine that started smoking while serving in 1982. I smoked for 31 years. I came in Voltage Vapin' as a customer in Sept 2013. I was so impressed with how well it worked that I started working here in Nov of 2013. Smoke free since 2013.

Favorite flavor: Cannoli Be One



Meet Jess.
I started smoking when I was 18. I was up to a pack a day at 32 and decided to make the switch. I came to Voltage Vapin in April of 2014 and had such a great experience that I began working here 3 days later. Smoke free since 2014.

Favorite Flavor: Blue by Anarchist



Meet Casey.
I've been smoking since I was 16 years old. I was up to a pack and a half of Marlboro Menthols a day before I was finally able to make the switch. I tried vaping back in 2012-2013 but it never stuck with me until I found salt nicotine and pod systems. Smoke free since 2018.

Favorite Flavor: Strawberry Kiwi







The staff at Voltage Vapin’ takes pride in knowing what we are selling. Rest assured that we do our homework.


Vape shop employees that could care less are a pain. The staff at Voltage is here for the customers and because we love what we do!


Vape shops get a bad rap for being a loud, foggy hang out for vapers...Voltage Vapin’ is the exact opposite. We strive to provide a pleasant and comfortable vapor lounge for our customers.


If we sound like we are repeating ourselves, it’s because we feel the need to stress that we are here for our CUSTOMERS. We love our customers and we will do everything we can to make sure you are satisfied with your experience at Voltage Vapin’!

Proud Member of the Virginia Smoke Free Association