510 to eGo Adapter


510 battery to ego atomizer adapter.  Used for converting or using different atomizers, without changing your personal vaporizer, or e cigarette.



What’s included:

One (1) Adapter


Technical Information:

Manufacturer: SLB / HeavenGifts

Smoketech Bolt Discontinued

Smok_Bolt__with__gunmtlEntry level set voltage device. A favorite for an inexpensive back up mod.

Features: 510 connection, battery vent, upper body button.

Includes extender so you can use 18650 batteries (or 18500 without extender),  Unit only.

Available in Gunmetal or Chrome finishes

Variscope (Transformer) VV Discontinued

NEW_Variscope____50bd63560572cIntroducing: The Variscope.

Adjustable Voltage e-cigarette mod.  You can adjust the voltage from 3V – 6V with the push of a button.   The Variscope is a telescopic VV mod, meaning you can use an 18650, and 18350 or in between, and simply screw the bottom tube to adjust size. IMR High Drain replaceable/rechargable batteries for a lasting performance, please use batteries rated no less than 4C.  Made of solid stainless steel colored chrome plated brass with an adjustable airflow ring on the top cap. ! Top cap has an adjustable pin positive, that helps correct atomizer connection issues that frequently plague e-cigarettes  – Clicking the fire button 5 times will display attached atomizer resistance.

Mod unit only.
2.5A limit

please ask any other questions before ordering.

This mod is intended for experienced vapers.

Do not tamper with batteries, IMR Lithium batteries can be very volitile.

Please be sure to look at proper instructions and handling for Li-ion batteries before handling.
This unit may allow you to discharge the battery below it’s cutoff rating.  Do not discharge the battery to less than 3.2V – please recharge before running the battery this low.  Discharging the battery below this rate can be dangerous.

Warranty: 14 days for manufacturer’s defect.  Does not cover physical damages.

eGo Passthrough Battery


The Joye eGo passthrough battery is amazing!  Usable as a normal passthrough, but it unplugs and becomes a fully usable eGo battery with 650mAh or 1000mAh of all day vape-on-the-go power!  Good quality, good battery life, and a Genuine Joye!  Get them while you can! Features the on/off 5 click protection.

Depending on stock you will receive either the eGo t-2 or ego C t2 version of this product.  Both function the same and are the same device, the only difference being the led color changes in the c version as the battery drains.

The biggest improvement of eGo-T 2 upgrade control unit: it has two modes to the switch. One is the constant voltage output mode which gives constant 3.3V(when it’s driving the atomizer (load added) and is the same as the normal eGo-T battery. The other is variable voltage output mode, in this mode, the voltage will change from 4.15V to 3.6V as the lithium battery power decrease. With higher voltage up to 4.15V, this give you a better vapor feeling.

Meanwhile, it is easier to switch, check below:
Switching operation and features:
1. From constant voltage output mode to new battery voltage voltage output:
1.1 When the mode is 3.3v constant output mode, lock the battery by 5 clicks first(white LED blinks 3 times).
1.2 By pressing button for 5 seconds(not 5 clicks), LED will change to orange with 3 blinks. The battery has switched to variable voltage output mode(battery voltage output mode).
1.3 Then click the button for 5 times, then you can smoke in battery voltage output.
1.4 In new battery voltage output mode, the LED is orange.
1.5 When charging, orange LED will blink 5 times in this new mode.

2. From new battery voltage output

to constant voltage output mode:

2.1 In new battery voltage output mode, lock the battery by 5 clicks first(orange LED blinks 3 times).
2.2 By pressing button for 5 seconds(not 5 clicks), LED will change to white with 3 blinks. And the mode has switched to 3.3V constant voltage output mode.
2.3 Then click the button for 5 times, then you can smoke in 3.3V constant voltage.
2.4 In 3.3V constant voltage, the battery features has no difference from present eGo-T battery.
2.5 When charging, white LED blinks 5 times in this new mode.


What’s included:

One (1) eGo Passthrough battery (Stainless Steel or Black color, 650 or 1000mAh capacity)

USB passthrough cable


iGo Kit Discontinued

iGo___Black___65_505e2cae30717The iGo is a new model eGo/riva style, and a functional upgrade to the DSE eGo.  Boasting a 650mAH battery, this thing is designed to work all day with little to no hassle.  It features an improved plastic button, which helps it stay in place better than the old DSE version.  The trim has been changed to silver from gold, for a cleaner look.  We’ve also added a beautiful LED ligt to the bottom.  Not only is it stylish, but the iGo performs great.  It’s made with a 510 connector, to use 510 atomizers and cartomizers, and the 650mAh batteries last most users a whole day between charges.  The iGo features a special ~2.2 ohm 510 atomizer to maximize vapor production without destroying battery life or causing excessive wear to the device.  We’ve also done away with cartridges, as feedback has shown that less than 5% of users will keep them, and instead offered the iGo with a drip tip.

The black iGo has been redesigned – it is different than the picture, our opinion is it is prettier.

Joye Ego C Kit Discontinued

Joye_eGo_C___Cha_4f2a36f013853The Genuine Joye Ego C is the newest eGo model electronic cigarette on the market from JoyeTech.  With a 650mAH battery, this thing is designed to work all day with little to no hassle.  It features and eGo C changeable tankomizer atty – which is designed to work with tank cartridges that hold 1ml of juice with no filler!  Not only is it stylish, but the Joye eGo C is a true super-performer as well.  Forget dripping all day, hook up your tank and you are good to go!  Features a lower cost replaceable atomizer head for the unit, and more bang for your buck.  Comes with 5 atomizer heads to each kit.


What’s included:

Two (2) 650mAh Joye Ego Batteries

One (1) USB eGo fast-charger

One (1) USB wall adapter

Five (5) Blank eGo T tank cartridges (some boxes contain up to seven)

Five (5) –  Joye eGo C “Changeable Tankomizer” atomizers

Box and instruction manual


Technical Information:

Manufacturer: Joye Technologies

Battery: 650mAh Li-ion

Manual Switch

Voltage: 3.2-3.7V operating voltage

Color: Stainless Black

Connection type: 510



By Purchasing this product, you are accepting full responsibility for it’s use. You agree that in no way can Voltage Vapin’  be held responsible for any misfortune caused by misuse of this item.  Do not expose to extreme heat or water, and be aware of the possible dangers of handling Li-ion batteries.  Do not over-tighten the charger.  Use only as directed.


Warranty and Replacement info:

14 day replacement on defective parts or DOA. No Refunds. Physical damage is not covered by the return policy.  Kit includes 5 atomizer heads, atomizer heads are not covered under warranty or DOA warranty.