Voltage Vapin is proud to announce that we are only one of two brick and mortar Vape Shops to carry Keegan Kreations mod stands.  We have an initial limited run of 10 cup holder stands and 3 home stands.


The prices are $40 for a cup holder stand and $80 for a home stand.

Come in and get your hand crafted Keegan mod stand today while they last. These are not just functional, they are pieces of art!

The light Keegan Kreations cup holder stands are maple the reddish stands are mahogany the black stand is maple with a black die the striped is spectraply royal camo.  The Keegan Kreations House Stands are 1 Cherry, 1 mahogany and 1 walnut.

Keegan Kreations Mod Stands 2 Keegan Kreations Mod stands 1


These are selling fast, and not just in the store, so come get your’s today.  If you would like to phone in an order call (804) 768-0200, US orders only please.

If you haven’t already go to Facebook and like Keegan Kreations.