Variscope (Transformer) VV Discontinued


NEW_Variscope____50bd63560572cIntroducing: The Variscope.

Adjustable Voltage e-cigarette mod.  You can adjust the voltage from 3V – 6V with the push of a button.   The Variscope is a telescopic VV mod, meaning you can use an 18650, and 18350 or in between, and simply screw the bottom tube to adjust size. IMR High Drain replaceable/rechargable batteries for a lasting performance, please use batteries rated no less than 4C.  Made of solid stainless steel colored chrome plated brass with an adjustable airflow ring on the top cap. ! Top cap has an adjustable pin positive, that helps correct atomizer connection issues that frequently plague e-cigarettes  – Clicking the fire button 5 times will display attached atomizer resistance.

Mod unit only.
2.5A limit

please ask any other questions before ordering.

This mod is intended for experienced vapers.

Do not tamper with batteries, IMR Lithium batteries can be very volitile.

Please be sure to look at proper instructions and handling for Li-ion batteries before handling.
This unit may allow you to discharge the battery below it’s cutoff rating.  Do not discharge the battery to less than 3.2V – please recharge before running the battery this low.  Discharging the battery below this rate can be dangerous.

Warranty: 14 days for manufacturer’s defect.  Does not cover physical damages.