Vamo Discontinued

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VAMO –VAMO_APV___Black_515cbd856a739

The Vamo – Budget friendly VV/VW device.

Version 2.5 Revised spring 3 – chrome body and buttons

Sold in 18650 configuration, you can shorten the tube to use 18350’s.

We found a pretty detailed instruction manual for this device over at ECF.

Mod unit only.

please ask any other questions before ordering.

This mod is intended for experienced vapers.

Do not tamper with batteries, IMR Lithium

Please be sure to look at proper instructions and handling for Li-ion batteries before handling.
This unit may allow you to discharge the battery below it’s cutoff rating. Do not discharge the battery to less than

Warranty: 14 days for manufacturer’s defect. Does not cover physical damages.

batteries can be very volatile.