iTaste MVP


Itaste MVP –

The Innokin iTaste MVP VV box
Features:  2600mAh Battery
Works as a USB battery charger box
3.3-5V Variable voltage function

The Innokin iTaste MVP Variable Voltage device is indeed delightful – This little pack carries a a huge charge (2600 Milliamp hours) – and is designed so you can Go all day at the voltage you desire.  Theres a nifty USB output where you can use your MVP box to charge other electronic devices, like cellphones or cameras – and it’s voltage adjusts between 3.3-5.0V output.  Did we mention the battery life on this mod is ridiculously long?  Also it’s USB chargeable – and operates as a passthrough so you can puff it while it charges!  The iTaste also has a puff counter so you can track how much you’ve vaped.

Innokin has contacted us and told us that they will no longer sell these products to us if we continue to offer them at $55.00 – and we must raise our sale price to their “MSRP” of 65.00 – 69.99 (we were not informed of this price maintenance, nor made any agreements to it before we decided to carry this item) and so we have complied.

I find myself taking this little mod everywhere – 100 dollar performance for half the price!

Includes: Innokin iTaste MVP box
2x Dual Coil ce5 clearomizers
charger cable
Attractive packaging
Beauty ring thread covers
510 threaded device