Efest IMR 18650 Battery (2)

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18650_IMR_2000mA_50efa3240833e18650 IMR 2000mAh 3.7V Li-ion are used for powering devices at 3.7Volts and can be used in various types of e-cigarettes, electronic cigarette MODS. These IMR 18650’s are 2000mAh strong, so that’s some serious all day 3.7V Vaping, and they are IMR batteries which perform better than standard with high-draw devices like mods, variable voltage mods, and low resistance devices.. They are rechargeable and have a safer chemistry than lithium ion batteries, to help in preventing the battery from being able to vent, over-discharge, or explode. Please never use stacked batteries for any iVape mod, or any other mod or e-cigarette, as lithium batteries can become quite volatile when used incorrectly.



What’s included:

Two (2) IMR Li-ion 18650 batteries


Technical Information:

Manufacturer: Efest

mAh: 2000

Battery Size: 18650

Voltage: 3.7

Protection: IMR chemistry




By Purchasing this product, you are accepting full responsibility for it’s use. You agree that in no way can iVape be held responsible for any misfortune caused by misuse of this item.  Do not expose to extreme heat or water, and be aware of the dangers of handling Li-ion batteries.   Do not use any iVape product or MOD with unprotected batteries of any sort.  Misuse of Lithium battery technology may result in fire or explosion.  Use at your own risk.  These battery have a wide-end positive, and are not suitable for mods which require nipple-tip positives due to cheap springs and poor measurement.


Warranty and Replacement info:

14 day replacement on defective parts or DOA. No Refunds. Physical damage is not covered by the return policy.