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eGo Pocket Case (DISCONTINUED)

eGo_Pocket_Case__4d4a6a88f1df9Designed to carry a your eGo and fit you life!  This stylish case has room enough for two eGo e-cigs and some other compartments for juice, cartridges, cartomizers, you name it!  Enjoy!



What’s included:

One (1) Pocket Case for eGo


Technical Information:

Manufacturer: Joye




Warranty and Replacement info:

5 Day replacement for DOA only.  No Refunds.

510 to eGo Adapter


510 battery to ego atomizer adapter.  Used for converting or using different atomizers, without changing your personal vaporizer, or e cigarette.



What’s included:

One (1) Adapter


Technical Information:

Manufacturer: SLB / HeavenGifts


Innokin_iClear_3_514160005b44aThe Innokin iClear 30 is a dual coil clearomizer tank – one of the newest out.

Praised as the Vivi Nova killer – the iClear has been reviewed as having great flavor – and little to no burned taste that is known to plague other top coil clearos.  

3.0ml measurable capacity – 510 threading!

It has an adjustable knucklehead style drip tip on the top – and the whole top unscrews for easy filling.

also has the ability to replace the internal coils to save money! (available soon)