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Gargamel’s Curse

Gargamels Curse

Gargamel searched high and low everyday of his life looking for smurf village and their smurf berries. Finally he started growing his own berries, and placed a curse on them all to capture the smurfs. Thankfully this curse does not affect humans, and we can enjoy their sweet taste time and time again.

Available in 0, 6, 12, 18, & 24 mg Nicotine Strength. 10ml and 30ml bottles available.

Wicked Watermelon E-Liquid Review (DISCONTINUED)

This e-juice will bring you back to feeling like you are a kid biting into the most ripe and juicy watermelon ever….without the sticky mess and seeds. Watermelon e-juice will remind you of the best parts of summer all year round. Wicked Watermelon from is said to taste like a real watermelon, but what