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New Products in stock at Voltage Vapin’! – RDA’s, Box Mods & More! (UPDATED)

New Products in at Voltage Vapin’!!  New box mod, tube mod, and 2 new RDA’s!!!


The first new product we have in stock is the Helm wooden box mod!!! (DISCONTINUED)

Helm Wooden Box Mod

It’s Dual 18650 wired in parallel and it chucks like no other!!  Longer battery life and less voltage drop than traditional tubes and at an incredibly affordable price!!


  • Dual 18650 wired in parallel
  • IRLB3034PBF N-Channel Mosfet
  • Light up LED switch
  • Wooden construction

Another new product  we have in stock is the Vertex V2 RDA in black and copper versions!!! (Discontinued)

Vertex V2 RDA's Blk, CopperVertex V2 RDA's Blk, Copper Angle 2


  • Adjustable center pin
  • Dual Coil Builds and AFC
  • Center pin is sold copper with silver plating
  • AFC with dual or single airhole options
  • Reduced chamber with domed top cap for maximum flavor
  • Large post holes to accomodate lower gauge wire
  • Deck and negative posts machined from a solid block
  • Peek insulators
  • 22mm design
  • 2mm negative post holes & 2.5mm positive post holes

We also got in replacement glass for KangerTech Aero Tank Mega’s.  So if you’ve had an accident with your Mega you can now get replacment glass for it. (Discontinued)

AeroTank Mega


And last but most definitely not least!!! We have the complete Dark Horse RDA pack, with all of the accent rings, a black and a white chuff tip and a black and a white 510 adapter!!! (Discontinued)

Dark horse RDA Kit

The Dark Horse RDA Clone is now in stock! It features three huge square posts with massive terminals large enough to fit whatever crazy builds you mad builders can come up with! The center post is gold plated and the 510 contact pin is made of copper for minimal voltage loss.  With 16 different airflow options, the Dark Horse RDA chucks massive plumes of delicious vapor in whatever configuration you can devise! Includes custom wide bore drip caps almost as wide as the device itself as well as adapters so you can use standard 510 drip tips!

We also have a tube mod that is being kept as a closely guarded secret!  Come by the shop to find out what it is!!! Hope to see you in the shop soon!!!



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New Drip Tips in at Voltage Vapin’! (UPDATED)

New Drip Tips!

We have a ton of new products on the way but today we got in some awesome new drip tips.

First up we have the new Yolo Drip tips in Brass, SS and Copper.

New Drip Tips New Drip Tips 2





We also got in EhPro Carburetor Drip Tips. (DISCONTINUED)

New Drip Tips 3

Come on by and check these out. While you are here take advantage of some of the money saving sales we have going on.  Please keep checking in on the site because we have lots of cool new products coming in over the next week or so.




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Drip Tips

New item in stock at Voltage Vapin’! The V2 Cloud Caps by justhatip!

We are proud to announce that we have V2 Cloud Caps by justhatip are in stock at Voltage Vapin’!


Just Tha Tip Caps














**This is just a small sample of the colors we have**


The V2 Cloud Caps are Competition / Cloud chasing topcap handcrafted for the 22mm TOBH Atomizer.

Reported to also fit:

  • V3 Tobh
  • Stillare
  • Vulcan
  • Infinite CLT
  • Onslaught
  • Plume Veil
  • Doge
  • Tugboat V2

Full 13mm through-bore with assorted acrylic mouthpiece set upon an insulated black Delrin base.

These are sweet!  Come by and check them out.



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Another new product just in @ Voltage Vapin’!!

Our new product for today is the Knucklehead Swiveling Drip Tips!!

Knucklehead Swivel Drip Tip


Delrin 510 Knucklehead Drip Tip – Black. These are awesome drip tips that have a knuckle joint letting you swivel your drip tip at an angle. These drip tips are so comfortable to use. They are made out of Delrin plastic so they are strong and will last. These tips have a great shape to them and will enhance any personal vaporizer you use. Will work with 510, 808d/901 or similarly sized cartomizers or atomizers.






Stop on by & check them out!!


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New Item!! – Super Wide Bore Competition Drip Caps!!!

New Item Just In At Voltage Vapin’!

These Super Wide Bore Competition Drip Caps are mean!  Who needs the limit of a 510 drip tip bore? These have built in tips allowing for a much wider bore than any other cap out there!  This means you get more air and more clouds! We have the TOBH Cap and the Plume Veil/Stillare Caps, now in stock at Voltage Vapin’!


Wide Mouth W Logo



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A Few New Drip Tips to Add to Your Collection… (UPDATED)

Voltage Vapin’ now has 510 Mega Pyrex Drip Tips, Rainbow Metal Ming Drip Tips and Copper Bullet drip tips!


510 Mega Pyrex Drip Tips: (DISCONTINUED)

Pyrex drip tip


These drip tips have a stainless steel base and a translucent Pyrex mouthpiece. They are more durable than acrylic, plastic or delrin, and do not transfer heat as easily as stainless steel or aluminum. These will fit most any 510, 808 or 901 atomizer, and look great on just about everything!




Rainbow Metal Ming Drip Tips:

heat treated ming


These colorful drip dips are constructed of stainless steel not aluminum. With the rainbow finish it kinda resembles what stainless steel looks like after heat treating. These tips will look good with a variety of different tanks and mods of different colors. It measures 28mm tall. Because of the finish each drip tip is different in color and pattern.





Copper Bullet Drip Tips:




This is a drip tip shaped like a bullet.This is a well crafted and great looking tip that compliments any mod. They have a good weight to them, fit most 510/901/808 atomizers and cartomizers and have a large hole which is great for dripping.






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