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510 Atomizer (Standard Resistance) (DISCONTINUED)

510_4e151e0f56816_90x90Quality atomizers at an affordable price!  Now that’s something you can get at Voltage Vapin’!  These rugged 510 atomizers are built to work, and they work WELL.  Suitable for standard and High voltage application (please keep wet to avoid burnout.)  Fit any 510 connection for standard e-cigarette, or even the eGo and Riva electronic cigarette.

What’s included:

One (1) 510 Atomizer

Technical Information:

Manufacturer: SLB

OHM Rating: 2.8

Color: Black

Connection type: 510


By Purchasing this product, you are accepting full responsibility for it’s use. You agree that in no way can
Voltage Vapin’ be held responsible for any misfortune caused by misuse of this item.  Do not operate when dry or empty.  Not responsible for broken items due to misuse.

Warranty and Replacement info:

14 day replacement on defective parts or DOA. No Refunds. Physical damage is not covered by the return policy.


Kanger Pyrex Pro-Tank (DISCONTINUED)

Kanger_Pro_Tank__5154c4b1cb138The latest from our friends at kangertech.

Combining the technology of the eVod and t3 clearomizer – the kanger protank is a pyrex glass tank designed for your e-cigarette.  It uses bottom coil technology to make sure the liquid is always feeding into the wicks, and has replaceable coils to change – keeping replacement costs low.  

The Protank comes in a nice little faux leather case with a beauty ring and two coils – spare replacement coils sold seperately. 

~2.5ml capacity
~2.5ohm resistance

510 threaded

No Warranties.  No Returns.  No Refunds. No Replacements.



Innokin_iClear_3_514160005b44aThe Innokin iClear 30 is a dual coil clearomizer tank – one of the newest out.

Praised as the Vivi Nova killer – the iClear has been reviewed as having great flavor – and little to no burned taste that is known to plague other top coil clearos.  

3.0ml measurable capacity – 510 threading!

It has an adjustable knucklehead style drip tip on the top – and the whole top unscrews for easy filling.

also has the ability to replace the internal coils to save money! (available soon)