Author: Voltage Vapin' Inc.

Voltage Vapin' Inc. was officially opened for business on May 1st, 2013 by Jay Taylor. Jay opened Voltage Vapin' because he wanted to help as many people as possible to quit smoking. Jay also saw the need for a local shop that would provide amazing customer service, great prices and had a staff that truly want to help others. Come visit us at Voltage Vapin'. You will not be disappointed! We work with our customers one on one to help pair you up with the right device, flavor and nicotine level that works best for you and your lifestyle. Our mission is to help you quit traditional tobacco. We can help if you smoke Cigarettes, Pipe, Cigars or if you're a dipper. What are you waiting for? Its time to stop tobacco and start Vapin'!

It’s Hump Day at your Richmond Va. area one stop vapor shop, Voltage Vapin’!

It’s Hump Day at your Richmond Va. area one stop vapor shop, Voltage Vapin’!   Come in and check out  our everyday low prices on all of your vaping supplies and accessories.

We’ve been receiving a lot of great feedback and I have to say, we are so lucky to have the best customers ever.  Thank you all!  You guys are the reason we are here.

Please come pay us visit and please keep spreading the word!

It’s Monday and we got Vape Mail at Voltage Vapin’, your Richmond area one stop vapor shop!

We are restocked on T-2’s,  T-3’s, T-3 mini’s, CE-4’s, Coils and Coil packs for everything.  We also got in a new item, 1300mAh Spinner/T3 kits in black and in white, these things are awesome!  We got in replacement tanks, atomizers and atomizer sleeves for the eRoll along with a lot of other goodies.  Come by and pay us a visit at Voltage Vapin’ to check out all of the new stock.  Don’t forget  Voltage Vapin’ is your Richmond area one stop vapor shop!

Today’s Big Announcement. Linc Williams will be shooting a Video at Voltage Vapin’ to be aired on Vape Team Live!

Linc Williams, the person who is making the Documentary “We are Vapers”,  will be here filming at Voltage Vapin’ this Saturday, May 18th.  The filming will be taking place between 1:30 and 3:00PM.

Come hang at Voltage Vapin’ and be in the video Linc will be shooting.  The video will be aired on Vape Team Live.  This will be awesome publicity for our new shop.  Please come out and show your support!

Voltage Vapin’, the Richmond Va. area’s newest Vape Shop has lots of new e-cigarette / Vaping supplies and accessories!

We have lots of new e-cigarette supplies and accessories in stock!

Voltage Vapin’ has been getting all kinds of good Vape Mail!  We have in stock Kanger EVOD Bottom Coil Clearomizers, Vision V2 Rebuild-able Clearomizers, mini eGo kits, ceramic drip tips, translucent drip tips, 1100mAh pass- through batteries and lots more goodies!  Come check us out.  We are running a special on the 1100mAh Pass-through batteries.


We also have a few of the Keegan Kreation Cup Holders and Mod Stands left!

Come visit Vape Buda and stock up!


And now the big announcement you have all been waiting for, Voltage Vapin’ is proud to announce we now carry Keegan Kreations Mod Stands!

Voltage Vapin is proud to announce that we are only one of two brick and mortar Vape Shops to carry Keegan Kreations mod stands.  We have an initial limited run of 10 cup holder stands and 3 home stands.


The prices are $40 for a cup holder stand and $80 for a home stand.

Come in and get your hand crafted Keegan mod stand today while they last. These are not just functional, they are pieces of art!

The light Keegan Kreations cup holder stands are maple the reddish stands are mahogany the black stand is maple with a black die the striped is spectraply royal camo.  The Keegan Kreations House Stands are 1 Cherry, 1 mahogany and 1 walnut.

Keegan Kreations Mod Stands 2 Keegan Kreations Mod stands 1


These are selling fast, and not just in the store, so come get your’s today.  If you would like to phone in an order call (804) 768-0200, US orders only please.

If you haven’t already go to Facebook and like Keegan Kreations.