Last night was Voltage Vapin’s Employee Appreciation Dinner!


We had our Quarterly Employee Appreciation Dinner last night at The Patron!

the patron

As you all know, the Voltage Vapin’ team works hard to make sure we are giving our customers the best customer service available in the industry. We also like our team to know that Voltage Vapin’ takes care of them as well.

VV Employee Appreciation dinnerVV Employee Appreciation dinner VV Employee Appreciation dinner

We had good food and a great time!

There were a lot of sweet employee door prizes as well! They won mods, atty’s and e-liquid! Just about every employee won something!

VV Employee Appreciation dinner VV Employee Appreciation dinner VV Employee Appreciation dinner VV Employee Appreciation dinner

As you can tell, everyone had a fantastic time!

The Voltage Vapin’ Employees would like to give a big shout out to The Patron staff, Nery! He did a great job taking care of us! He also did a great job of handling our shenanigans! Thank you for a job well done and spoiling us rotten! We will be back!

The team at Voltage Vapin’ would also like to thank each and everyone of our customers. We appreciate your business and are always happy to serve you!


Thank you, The Patron Restaurant and Nery for the great food and service!

nicotine warning

no sale

Please make sure you have your I.D. present when entering the store. We are required by law to I.D. anyone who appears to be 27 years of age or younger.

If you do not have a valid ID stating that you are 18 or over, you cannot test any products, make any purchases, or vape on the premises.  Please have your valid ID ready and understand we are following the law.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.

No one under 18 permitted in the sales counter area. We do not allow parents to purchase for minors. This Policy has now become a federal law.

We value our customers and strive to give the best customer service in the industry. Thank you for being a valued customer.

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