New Mod Alert at Voltage Vapin’! We now have The VoTech VIA240 Joker, Wismec Active, and The Eleaf IStick iPower mods in stock!

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Experience pure power with the new VIA240 mod by VoTech!


The VIA240 is VO TECH’s all-new dual battery device that is coupled with the industry acclaimed VO CHIPSET. The VIA240 is designed from the ground up to be a performance monster that won’t break the bank. It pushes the batteries in a series, effectively doubling the voltage output, and results in massive amounts of vapor. The VIA240 is lightweight, yet rugged with a strong polymer construction. VO TECH was the first in the customization game, and the VIA240 continues this tradition with replaceable covers that allow you to choose your favorite design to complete the look to your satisfaction.

Stop by Voltage Vapin’ today to get your hands on the new VIA240 by VoTech!

The Wismec Active has just arrived at Voltage Vapin’

Equipped with a BlueTooth speaker this waterproof mod is not only unique it is loud! With its 80 watts of power, temperature control functions, and even a bypass mode this 2100 mah little box is ready to go when you are! Simplicity is key with the active as well, the menus are easy to navigate despite adding a bluetooth speaker! Bring the party everywhere with the Wismec Active!

  • 2100mah internal battery
  • Maximum 80W output
  • Water resistant
  • Shockproof
  • Bluetooth compatible speaker

Impress your friends with the Wismec Active, now at Voltage Vapin’!

Last but not least, the Eleaf IStick Power is here!

New to Voltage is the Eleaf IStick iPower, a clean little mod with a 5000 mah battery inside. The newest in the trusty iStick line, the iPower is going to ensure you have the battery life to make it through the day even at its max of 80 Watts!

  • 5000mah internal battery
  • Maximum wattage of 80w
  • Temperature control compatible
  • Small, light form factor
  • Easy to use

Pick up your trusty new iPower today at Voltage Vapin’!

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