Voltage Vapin’ has something new to show off today!

Voltage Vapin’ welcomes…
The iJoy Diamond PD270 234w Device!

IJOY brings us another beautiful looking device. The iJOY Diamond PD270 is a dual battery device with either 20700 batteries(Included) or dual-18650s (adapter included). Powered by the IWEPAL Chip and a maximum wattage output of 234w, a beautiful edged look of a diamond, this kit is definitely  worth a look at next time your in the store.

Beautiful both inside and out. Find the iJoy Diamond here at Voltage Vapin’!

Need a new RDA to really get the most out of your Diamond?
the Coil Art Azeroth RDA!


The Azeroth RDA by CoilArt is a 24mm dripper with a six-post, triple coil build deck. The build deck has 24K Gold-Plating and Black-Gold Plating.  Airflow enters the Azeroth RDA through three set of triple-slotted air tubes located on the side of the wall sleeve. providing dedicated air channels for single, dual, or triple-coil configurations.

  • 24mm Diameter
  • Deep Juice Well
  • Patented Six-Post, Single Terminal Deck Design
  • Single, Dual, Or Triple-Coil Configuration
  • Three Set of Triple-Airtubes – Direct-to-Coil Effect

Start your weekend off with the excitement the picking up an Azeroth RDA will bring you!

Apple Cinnamon Butter Muffin by Crumbs is a great flavor for any tank!apple crumbs

Apple Cinnamon Butter Muffin– Imagine a warm buttered up muffin straight out of the oven with apple and hints of cinnamon. You now know what this flavor tastes like and we won’t fault you for wanting to lick up the crumbs.

Get the perfect flavor to wake up to with Apple Cinnamon Butter Muffin!

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